16 Moving Tips from an Expert



Among my top five areas of inadvertent expertise (including country ham slicing and cover letter-writing) would have to be moving.  Since Richard and I have been together (9 years), we have moved 12 times. We’ve moved for lots of reasons, some good (grad school, buying a house), and some not-so-good. In L.A. we moved when our neighborhood was suddenly in disputed gang territory and I saw someone get shot at 5:00 in the afternoon. In New York I could not stand the G train and its interminable waits. Last year our landlords were foreclosed upon–well, actually that was this year. But I tend to see years in terms of leases, so some years are really short. Now we’re moving back to North Carolina, to our very own house in the woods. We consider this an exciting and positive move, even if the circumstances have made it a little rushed.

Most of the characters in my book don’t move very much at all, which is probably true for most sensible people. However, if you find yourself moving (for whatever reason) and are in need of some tips, here are mine:

1. If your neighborhood does become the center of a gang war, you should definitely move if at all possible. Even if you’ve only lived there two weeks. If you are loading a truck, have someone stand with it so you don’t get robbed on your way out.

2. Get all of your boxes and moving supplies at once so you don’t waste time. Most places that sell them will let you return the unused ones, and if you’re getting them free, then they’re free anyway and you can give any extras to someone else. Craigslist is a good place to get and give away free boxes.

3. Use extra household items as packing supplies, and pack to the top and corners (for box stability). For example, Richard likes to use T-shirts to fill extra spaces. I’ve found that pillow cases, tea towels, and tablecloths are good for wrapping framed pictures, vases, and other fragile items.  

4. Richard used to mark our boxes of CDs with a code word rather than writing “CDs,” but I don’t think people steal CDs anymore. If you have a box of iPods, you could label it “CDs” or “books” and shady movers would probably leave it alone.

5. I think the dish saver boxes and the little foam sleeves are a good investment if you’re going to keep them. They save a lot of time, and for me the kitchen is both the last and the most complicated room to pack. Consider donating all of your canned goods and non-perishables. This is really easy if you’re moving in the fall, as I am.

6. Richard says wardrobe boxes, which are very large, are good for moving a collection of guitars. And if you have or know any kids, you can cut a door in them and paint them and make a house. 

7. If you alphabetize your books or records, try to keep them in the same order as you pack, and mark the boxes A-F, G-J, etc.

8. Tape your boxes securely, and label the room destination with a thick permanent marker.

9. Sell things you don’t want on Craigslist. People on Craigslist will buy anything–Richard says you can list “one shoe” and a pirate will email you asking when he can pick it up. Price fairly, but a little higher than you think. You can always negotiate down, and if you price too low, you’ll have 100 pirates begging to buy your shoe.

10. If you’re going to hire movers, I suggest renting and driving the truck yourself and hiring the movers separately (look at the Better Business Bureau and online reviews to see if they have a lot of irate customers first). I’ve found that this is cheaper, and they don’t have a lot of annoying rules about what can go on the truck–you rented the truck, so you are the boss. Watch the guy on the truck–he’s not doing anything except resting and/or bossing the other guys around. That’s your job.

11. Movers are always worried about whether and how much you’re going to tip them–understandably, because people are cheap. It’s a good idea to tell your movers ahead of time that you are a generous tipper, especially if they get everything done by a certain time or are extra-careful with your porcelain unicorn collection. Actually, carry the unicorn collection in your car. Movers are better at improving their speed than their carefulness. 

12. Have cold Gatorades on hand for your movers, because they (and you) will be thirsty. As a teacher, I can tell you that Gatorade is great because you don’t have to waste so much time taking breaks to pee.  Red and orange are the most widely accepted Gatorade flavors. Your movers will prefer the larger bottles.

13. Try to stage your house ahead of time with the truck packing in mind (my dad says stage it with truck unpacking in mind, but I’m always more concerned about getting out than getting in). In my system, boxes go first, so put them near the front door if possible. Tie the furniture down with rope–you don’t want stuff sliding around. Remember that you are the one who cares whether or not your stuff gets broken, so check everything.

14. Make sure you have a lock for your truck. A regular combination lock works fine, but you can use a bicycle U-lock if you don’t have a combination lock. You should have a strong lock if you’re moving a long distance and parking the truck overnight. When we moved from L.A. to New York, I remember that the mover made a little sleeping cavern for us in the truck, just behind the cab. It was very thoughtful of him, but I don’t recommend this. 

15. My dad likes to give the extra tip of beer, but I think that whether this is tacky or not depends on your location.

16. Finally, save all of your boxes. You never know when you’ll need them again.



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4 responses to “16 Moving Tips from an Expert

  1. Wow, okay, reading this post, I hope never to move again. And I wish you the very best of luck on your own upcoming move, cat and all.

  2. Joy

    This is all very solid advice. And, as I am starting to look around for a new place, I feel a chill in my bones.

    I’m glad you get to go back to your lovely home in NC, though!

  3. Jennifer McCoy

    I will be sure to keep my unicorn collection very close at hand the next time- thanks for the wise advice! Love this post. It made me laugh out loud for the first time in a while. I can totally see your dad tipping with beer as well! Miss you!

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