Before the Show

Photographer, Blue Crab Bay founder, and family friend Pamela Barefoot (Mules and Memories) sent this photograph of me and my dad, circa 1979–she’s been going through her old slides, which is lucky for us, because my family has always been terrible about taking and storing pictures.

I was thinking about how frequently father-daughter relationships appear in Mattaponi Queen, though there isn’t one that quite mirrors the relationship I have with my dad. Brother-sister relationships are sort of rare in my book, mostly explored in the next-to-last story, “Shelter,” which is also the only one set outside of King William and King and Queen counties. This strikes me because I’m really close to my brother, Sky (I even named him, not too long after this photo was taken). Maybe it’s because our relationship is pretty uncomplicated and untroubled.

My relationship with my dad isn’t really troubled either, but we are very much alike. We’re both, for example, impatient. And bossy. In the  photo, I bet we’re both wondering when that band is going to start. And where is everybody? And why don’t they get this show on the road?


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