“Drive-Thru Easter Pageant”

Whenever I go home to Walkerton, one of the first things I do is read old and new issues of The Country Courier, a free biweekly paper serving King William and King & Queen counties. A while back, I mentioned that our family dog, Griffin, used to publish editorials there. This isn’t true, exactly–they were written by Danny Clark, the editor, but we thought that sometimes the messages seemed to suit Griffin’s lust for life and the way we thought he would talk if he could, so we edited them a little and pasted his photograph over Mr. Clark’s.

Anyway, The Country Courier is a good place to get news of weddings, births, the use and misuse of firearms, squabbles, gossip, and local events. Recently I discovered that they have a website where you can read the more prominent stories. Browsing the site, I learned that this weekend, if you happen to be on the Middle Peninsula, you can go to a drive-through Easter Pageant at Colosse Baptist Church. Apparently you can see eleven scenes from the life of Christ, all with live actors, without getting out of your car. The performance is tonight from 7-9.


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