Something About Me

I am pretty good at finding four-leaf clovers. I think it’s a trait I inherited from my mom, who can find a whole bouquet of them in about ten minutes. Without looking very hard, I usually find one or two a week. If you email me your address, I’ll find one for you and mail it to you.*

If you’d rather find your own, here is what I recommend:

1. Look.

2. Look carefully.

3. Don’t give up–they’re there. Last June I was with some D.C. fifth graders at a rest stop in North Carolina, and while we waited I found two. One of my students, after watching me, crept along the grass until she found one of the largest, most perfect four-leaf clovers I’ve ever seen. She said she just believed she would find it, and she did.

4. Once you get some practice you’ll find them as you walk along, without really looking at all. You’ll also find some five- and six-leafers.

*if a lot of people email me, it could take a while. But it’s sort of a hobby, so I wouldn’t mind.



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