How to Say It, MQ News Roundup

Kayaking the Haw

-Mattaponi rhymes with “batted an eye.” I thought I should mention that since it isn’t apparent from the spelling. Did you know that the Mattaponi is one of the most pristine coastal rivers (some say it’s the most pristine) on the Eastern Seaboard?

-Mark Athitakis, who has said some nice things about Mattaponi Queen, mentioned “Jonas” in a post about contextualizing short stories within the whole collection. Also discussed: Raymond Carver, Wells Tower, Stephen O’Connor, and Ben Fountain.

-Foreword Magazine published a nice review of Mattaponi Queen.

-My Largehearted Boy book notes are live today. I made a Mattaponi Queen playlist featuring Patti LaBelle, Bob Dylan, Papoose and more.

-The annual Mattaponi Indian Reservation Powwow is coming up on Saturday, June 19. The site warns: “This is a family event; no drugs or alcohol, and no pets please.”

Have a great weekend!


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