Something for You

I have heard Southerners described many times as idle and slow, but I think we are just impractical and driven by different rhythms than, for example, New Yorkers. So, as before my wedding, my mom and I have been canning preserves to give away–this time at readings for Mattaponi Queen. So far we have about 250 jars of Skinny’s Wild Blueberry-Mint Jam, Cutie’s Strawberry Preserves, Loretta’s Hot Pepper Jelly, and Loretta’s Hot Bread and Butter Pickles. Please come out and get a jar!

If you can’t make it to a reading, you can also enter this Largehearted Boy contest for a book and a jar of jam.



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3 responses to “Something for You

  1. pat hoppe

    Hello! I entered…and hope to win; I read the posts and see several authors chosen, but not Shakespeare yet; he crossed my mind, but the one I really prefer is Keats. So sad that so many great minds had to die before their work was done. But maybe he has had a chance to try again? I hope so; maybe he came back in a woman’s body (Bujold??). I love her moral, highly sensitive sci fi. And I love you…..take care and happy traveling!!

  2. pat hoppe

    I love the little truck with the sunflower on it; didn’t your VW bug have sunflowers on it? I remember it, but cannot see it in any detail. Remember to let me know if July 8 is ok with you for my house and B&N in Billsburg….

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