Printers Row, Chicago

I wish I took more photos at this event, but aren’t Erin and Marisa from Graywolf so cute?

It was wonderful to finally meet them and the amazing Eula Biss, who signed my first edition Notes from No Man’s Land with a cool, sepia-toned pen. I loved hanging out in the Graywolf booth, signing books. I also bought some great books from publishers and booksellers–there were many deals!–and participated in a short story panel moderated by Megan Stielstra with Anne Sanow, Jabari Asim, and Adam Schuitema.

So far, my favorite new book from Printers Row is not a new book at all: Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray, published in 1999 by the excellent Milkweed Editions. It caught my eye because it was blurbed by Wendell Berry and Peter Matthiessen, two of my favorites. It’s a memoir of childhood in a junkyard in south Georgia and a reflection on the loss of the longleaf pine forests there, and it’s beautifully written and really interesting. You can order it here.


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