Today is my birthday. This morning I walked to the river and on the way found my birthday clover:

I found eight more on my walk, which I will most likely give away at some upcoming readings; I like to tuck them into the books that I sign. If you can’t make it to a reading but would like me to mail you a clover, the offer still stands!

It rained so much yesterday–two inches–that everything is suddenly very green again.


And the river was raging! I sat down and read for a while, and the noise sounded like I was at the ocean:

Speaking of reading, if you read Mattaponi Queen and are so inclined, I would be very grateful if you would post an Amazon review. Of course I want everyone to support their local bookstores, but Amazon is a place where people research books before they buy, so I think it’s helpful to have reader reviews posted there. Think of it as a birthday wish!



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6 responses to “Birthday

  1. Happy birthday! I’ll have a look for your book at amazon, as I don’t think that we have it at our smaller bookshops here in Kilkenny (Ireland, & we’ve plenty of clover here if you need any extra!) Will your book be on Kindle- it doesn’t seem to be now.
    Enjoy the rest of your birthday!

    • Belle Boggs

      Hi Susan, thank you! To find a four-leaf clover in Ireland would be wonderful. My book will be released in an ebook edition this fall, I think.

  2. hi
    what a peaceful birthday walk
    and congrats on publishing an ebook 🙂 i’m in awe.

    i’m just a stranger googling people who have the same birthday as me and leaving birthday comments.

    happy bday, bday twin.

  3. pat hoppe

    Happy Birthday, Belle! Of course I have not forgotten about the Amazon review and will post it this week. I hope your celebration is the best! Know that I send you hugs and love; the strawberry preserves are great; thank you SO much for coming to my house to share your beautiful book! {Pat

  4. Belle Boggs

    Linda, Happy Birthday to you! Some other birthday twins for us: Jackie O, Soulja Boy, and John Ashbery. Pat, thank you so much–I’m glad you liked the preserves. The party at your house was my very favorite event.

  5. Happy Birthday a few days late!

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