Have Books, Will Travel

If you have a book club, class, or book group and would like me to visit, please contact me! If you’re driving distance from Chatham County, North Carolina, I can come in person; if not, we could always have a discussion over Skype (you know, like Oprah).

Yesterday, for example, I drove to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet some avid readers gathered by my new friend, Suzanne, a fellow teacher, devoted mother and grandmother, and passionate reader. I talked about the origins of Mattaponi Queen, the people of Walkerton and my family, how the cover came to be, and my writing process, among other things (I even admitted, after being asked about my graduating class at King William High, to being “a little bit kicked out” of that school). I had so much fun talking to the women there that I forgot to take pictures until the end.

Here I am with Suzanne, who put together a marvelous event and even took me out for a lovely dinner afterwards:

Thank you, Suzanne, and ladies of Charlotte!


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  1. pat hoppe

    That is a fabulous idea; I am in a book club that is associated with the Unitarian church to which I belong, so we will need to read your book first. Right now we are reading the Faith Club about three women (Christian, Hebrew, and Muslim) who have an on-going discussion about their faiths; it turns into a fantastic exploration of what it means to be human….and to come together to build a community….and to start to love one another…I really have enjoyed reading it and cannot do it justice here….the writing itself is not lyrical (like yours is), but the ideas expressed are thought provoking. Love to you! We will be in touch about the book club skyping experience….Pat

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