King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum

 Last Sunday I was invited to speak at the King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum by Jack Spain, Museum Council Chairman, and a great and enthusiastic crowd turned out. I met Ellen White, daughter of esteemed Walkertonian Wilbur White (Ellen is pictured above, at left), and I exchanged books with Karen Tootelian, author of The Chief and I. If you’d like to know the true story of the Mattaponi tribe’s fight to save the river, you should read Karen’s book.

The museum is housed in an eighteenth century tavern and features changing exhibits of local interest. Right now you can see some beautiful vintage clothes donated by King and Queen residents.

My mom and I liked looking at the photographs, especially the ones of Walkerton. We also enjoyed a print my mom recognized from my Auntie Martha’s powder room:

"The Greatest Moments in a Girl's Life"


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  1. pat hoppe

    Thank you for the photos of the K&Q Museum; the history of our home towns lives in us as we look back in time at our relatives and their possessions….so glad you were able to share your book with these folks. Have had a very cathartic and startling experience with my forefather….about three weeks ago; I will tell you about it in person…when we see each other….in the mean time, enjoy those students who must find you a wonderful teacher, as I remember learning much when I worked with you; they are blessed! Happy Veterans Day….Pat

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