Southern Living!

It occurs to me that some people may find my little blog through an article I wrote for January’s Southern Living. I was thrilled, as Southern Living‘s “Best New Southern Author,” to share space in a special section of the magazine with Malaprop’s Bookstore (best bookstore), Only Burger (best food truck), the Avett Brothers (new kings of Southern Rock), and Shenandoah National Park (best summer escape), among other Southern favorites.

I wrote about my grandparents in the article in part because my grandmother, Mildred Boggs, was an avid reader of Southern Living. I wish I could have surprised her with the issue. But I have a student–a soon-to-be-Marine–who says Southern Living is his favorite (he loves to cook). So I’ll take him a copy next week, in case he hasn’t seen it.

If you’re curious about Mattaponi Queen, a collection of linked stories set on and around the Mattaponi Indian Reservation in Virginia, here are a few stories you can read online:

“Opportunity,” a story about a lonely elementary school principal, was published in storySouth.

“Jonas,” a story about a couple dealing with a sex change, first appeared in FiveChapters

“Homecoming,” which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, is about a teenager from Brooklyn who moves to King William County to live with his grandmother. It was published in At Length, a journal specializing in longer fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  

Thanks for visiting! And please feel free to contact me; I haven’t found any clovers lately (too cold and snowy), but hopefully that will change soon!

(And if you have a book club interested in reading Mattaponi Queen, I would be glad to visit with you via Skype or–if you’re local–in person. I live in Chatham County, North Carolina, and as a rural person, I have a fairly broad definition of “local.”)



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8 responses to “Southern Living!

  1. Kern Watts

    Our copy of Southern Living came earlier this week and Gisela just got to page 97 last night. Wow!!! What an honor! BEST NEW AUTHOR! I called my mom as well as Fred and Aleise this morning and told them to flip to page 97 – they get Southern Living also. I gave Gisela a Kindle for Christmas, so I downloaded Mattaponi Queen from the Kindle Store this morning. I know we will enjoy reading it. We are really proud of you and your accomplishments. I hope you have a long and successful career. Say hi to your parents from us when you talk to them next time. Kern and Gisela 1/2/11

    • Belle Boggs

      Dear Kern and Gisela,
      Thank you so much! It just became available on Kindle, so you’re among the first to read it on an ereader. And I’m excited that you saw the Southern Living piece; I wish my grandma could see it. Love, Belle

  2. pat hoppe

    Belle: I bought my copy of SOUTHERN LIVING today….what you wrote about your grandparents was so wonderful….and I enjoyed the photo, too. Who took it? Very artistic….chic…..mysterious… to you and Richard….Pat Hoppe

  3. Taylor Bruce

    Congrats on all the good stuff happening for MQ. Jennifer Cole is a former cohort of mine at SL. If you ever get up to NY, I’d love to get together. Best of luck in 2011.
    Taylor Bruce

  4. That’s how I found you … from a post by Michelle Hoover. It’s a small world. Congratulations!

  5. Marci

    Your mother gave me a copy of the Southern Living issue and I read your article. I loved it and I could actually picture James E and Mildred rolling along is a big, beautiful car! I’m so proud of you. You have become such a beautiful, graceful woman! I enjoy reading your blog and actually all of your stories. When your mom and I were going through some of Jeannie’s papers we found an article that you wrote about Jeannie and downtown Portsmouth. And on Saturday when we working on cleaning up Jeannie’s house I found a stash of articles, letters to the editor, and stories you wrote. She was so proud of you and it looks like she kept everything you’ve ever written. I love you so much. Auntie Marci

    • Belle Boggs

      Marci, Thank you for your sweet message! I’m sorry to take so long to reply–I took a blogging break and didn’t know I had this message. It’s amazing the way Jeannie kept everything from all of us. I hope I’ll see you soon. Love, Belle

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