February Mini-Tour

I’m lucky to be able to break up the longest shortest month with visits to three schools for Mattaponi Queen readings:

I’ll be at UC Irvine’s Student Bookstore at 5:00 on Thursday.

I’ll be at Riverside Writers’ Week on Friday, reading at 3:00.

Next Wednesday, I’ll read at Gettysburg College at 8:00.

I promise to take pictures and post again soon!



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5 responses to “February Mini-Tour

  1. william clark

    Ms. Boggs,

    I wish you the best of luck on this mini-tour. We met some time ago in Cambridge at the Harvard Book Store. I still carry the four leaf clover with me. Unfortunately, the jam is gone.

    Warmest Regards,

    William Clark

    • Belle Boggs

      Dear William, I remember meeting you! My mom and I had such a good time at the Harvard Book Store. I’m glad you keep the clover–we found dozens in Boston. I’m on the lookout for more now that it’s finally spring. No worries about the blog–I look forward to checking it out. Yours, Belle

  2. william clark


    I’ve realized that the blog I’ve finally created has an uncanny resemblance to your own. Apologies.

  3. Hi, Belle!
    My book club, which includes a couple of your former teachers from WPHS, is reading ‘Queen’ for discussion at our meeting tomorrow. I’m re-reading it for the discussion, but already know that everybody is enchanted with the stories, and of course I love them because the characters names bring back memories of so many people I have loved.
    Now that I’ve retired I am doing some writing, too – have joined a writers’ group and am doing some blogging. But doubt that I will produce anything close to your lovely words.

    Love, your cousin Barbara

    • Belle Boggs

      Thank you for introducing MQ to your book club! I’m sorry to be so late in replying–I hope they enjoyed it. Please send me your blog so I can link to it! Love, Belle

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