“The Art of Waiting” in Harper’s and on the radio…

Almost a year ago I began working on “The Art of Waiting,” and I’m so proud that it was published in the March/April issue of Orion. (Click here to read some recent reading and art recommendations I wrote for their blog.) I’m also delighted that my essay was chosen for the “Readings” section of the May issue of Harper’s.

On Monday, I will talk about “The Art of Waiting” and assisted reproduction on the Diane Rehm show. Richard will join me, along with Barbara Collura, executive director of Resolve, and Dr. Paul Gindoff, director of the Fertility & IVF Center at The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates. If you’d like to listen (or call in), we’ll be discussing infertility-related topics, which are still very much on my mind, from 11:00 to noon.

(Those are our spring woods at dusk, above. I believe the bald eagles are nesting again too.)



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9 responses to ““The Art of Waiting” in Harper’s and on the radio…

  1. “The Art of Waiting” was beautiful & deserves its accolades. I went through infertility treatment for several years, so your piece really resonated. I look forward to hearing you on Daine Rehm!

  2. Patricia A. Hoppe

    Hurrah, Belle! I am so happy that the essay is receiving the attention it deserves…..and that you will have an opportunity to discuss it on a broader medium…..so glad that Richard will be with you, too. Love and hugs! Pat

    • Belle Boggs

      Thank you, Pat! Love to you also! I was so happy to get your poem in the mail and will write a real letter soon. Belle

  3. Michelle

    Your peace moved me to tears. I came to terms that we’ll never have a biological child but that wound can still come unknotted for brief spats, despite therapy to move through it. I’m now in my early 40s, our years trying are done. We stopped right before IVF – we ended the hormone injection version of IUI last and that was just scary due to the risks. My body said it was done, my mind said it wasnt up for dealing with more failure.

    Our story does have a happy ending though. We became licensed as foster parents and adopted a little girl. I don’t like it when people say we couldn’t conceive because our destiny was to parent this child. But I’m supremely content now with the hand I’ve been dealt. She’s my heart.

    FWIW, I’m very close to you, if you’d like some info on our path I’d be happy to email it to you. I only mention our locations because it would be the same agencies, laws, etc

    I wish you a resolution you can live with, whatever it might be.

    • Belle Boggs

      Dear Michelle,
      Thank you for reading my essay and writing to me. I’m so glad to hear about your happy ending and happy to know you live close. I will be in touch over email soon; I am definitely interested to hear about your path to parenthood.

  4. Spring Sia

    Dear Belle,
    I think your piece was a beautifully written and moving one. =) =) I very much enjoyed sharing and reiterating your piece to my friend sitting next to me while I was reading it! *excitedly* =D
    i hope you are well and I wish you the best ❤

  5. Julie

    Hi Belle,
    I’m also in NC and just finished an unsuccessful IVF cycle. My issue is a chromosomal translocation that can cause partial anleuploidy, combined with “advanced maternal age” and a low reserve. I’m 37. A lot of your discussion on Diane Rehm really resonated with me. I never thought I’d ever pursue IVF, but a lot of things have happened that I never expected. Thank you for helping to make this a public discussion. I started a blog that is mostly read by friends & acquaintances, but I started it hoping it might help open the conversation. Maybe it might even help somebody some day!

    Best of luck to you & Richard as you continue along this journey. Feel free to reach out anytime. If you’re curious, here’s my blog (http://sunshineandraincountdown.blogspot.com/). It starts when red flags were raised during a pregnancy in the fall (I miscarried at almost 16 weeks – it was a very sick baby). I’ll probably post a link to the show & maybe to your blog as well.

    Take care!

    • Belle Boggs

      Dear Julie,
      Thank you for writing. I’m so sorry to hear about your cycle and miscarriage, and I hope you’ll be able to try again (if that’s what you want). I left the Diane Rehm show and meeting with Barbara Collura even more convinced that IVF should be covered by health insurance so that doctors and patients can make the best choices together. I will visit your blog and hope to hear more from you about your journey–I’m in Chatham County, and attend the RESOLVE group in Raleigh. I agree that opening the conversation is important.
      I found 10 four-leaf clovers yesterday if you’d like one–send me your address (belleboggs (at) hotmail (dot) com) and I will put one in the mail…

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