New Work in Slate…

Hello! I’m sorry to have been absent from this blog for a while; I’ve been working on essays, the new novel, the end of the school year, and kayaking as much as possible during this rainy spring… but I wanted to share a new essay I wrote for Slate, called “Visible Life.” It’s about waiting (again), personhood, and the science of IVF. To research the piece, I read a quite fascinating book called Icons of Life. The book, by Lynn Morgan, a medical anthropologist at Mount Holyoke, is about the way our ideas about embryos and fetuses have changed over time. I also interviewed an embryologist and medical researcher, Dr. Silvia Ramos, at UNC. Her work is so precise and exacting, and she had such joy and enthusiasm for it. I hope that comes through in my essay.



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3 responses to “New Work in Slate…

  1. magnoliaavenue

    It does indeed come through! Just read the essay and loved it — lucid, candid, and revelatory, as usual.

    • Belle Boggs

      Thank you so much, Claire! I hope you’re having a great end-of-the-school-year. I look forward to hearing about your MFA program, too!

  2. Wonderful essay, Belle! You bring to life (ha ha I guess) the realities of IVF and the decisions that must be made so vividly. I have experience with UNC’s REs and also others in the Triangle. If you would ever like my impressions of them, I’d be happy to share. Also, do you read the Stirrup Queen’s blog? Melissa is a great writer and has done a wonderful job building a community for ALI:

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