William Hazlitt Prize news, new Orion post

I’m very pleased to tell you that my essay, “The Art of Waiting,” was a runner-up in the inaugural William Hazlitt Prize, sponsored by Notting Hill Editions, which honors the best essays written in English. Canadian author, academic, and politician Michael Ignatieff was the winner, with his outstanding “Raphael Lemkin and Genocide,” first published in the New Republic. The other runners-up are “Politics 2013” by JT Barbarese, “Light Entertainment” by Andrew O’Hagan, “The Empathy Exams” by fellow Graywolfer Leslie Jamison (her debut essay collection of the same name comes out next year), and “The Shadow of the Scroll: Reconstructing Islam’s Origins” by Sameer Rahim. It’s an honor to be in their company, and I hope you’ll consider ordering the handsome book (pictured above) that will include all of our essays.

For more on William Hazlitt, check out this page from Quotidiana, which includes a brief bio and a good selection of his work. I highly recommend “On Going a Journey,” relevant reading in the face of iPhones, social media, etc. etc.

Also: my students and I have a new post on Orion‘s blog.



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